There are always tasks you can do yourself in house as a business. It is a common and frequent decision faced by business everyday – whether to do it in house or outsource it to a specialist.

Things which are typically Outsourced

Things which are often outsources from small businesses are

  • Building/Maintenance Works
  • Logistics
  • Legal Services
  • Accounting/Tax Management/Wages
  • Facilities Management/Building maintenance/Electrical Work/Gas/Plumbing Work

Who do business outsource these things?

1. Skills

Many people are capable of doing probably 80% of each pthers jobs. Most things are not that hard. However the remaining 20% is the but which separate the specialists. You have to consider if you really skilled in the subject or just a ‘noodler who can get by’.

In house staff don’t always have the range of skills and resource that an outsource supplier has. This is especially the case in small business. Many small business fall foul of not addressing the skills and abilities of the staffer: purely taking their word that they are experts in may fields, and then paying the price later when a project is either unfinished or badly executed.

2. Focus on Core competencies

Your business should focus on what your business services are. You run that business because you specialist in something and offer something of value to your customers. Sure there is always a case for diversification but there are limits. Getting involved in too many distraction hurts your business and you run the risk that your services notice that you have dropped the ball

3. Costs

Small business often think that doing it themselves is free or lower cost but they fail to consider total costs and compare the real costs with outsourcing. A simple calculation of time, resources and real outcomes often shows that outsourcing is a straightforward business case winner.

4. Opportunity Costs

Of course if y have staff who are doing ‘internal jobs’ they are not serving your clients ie the tasks which make you money.

5. Reliability

Your staff are mainly focused on keeping your customers happy. That is always the priority so they never get round to doing ‘internal’ tasks (ie your website, email marketing, blogging, traffic analysis, updates, customer liaison, telemarketing, SEO, link building, online advertising etc).

If you outsource the service it will get done as your supplier (such as Toltech) has an obligation to keep you happy while you concentrate on your core services and keeping your customers happy  – see Point 2 above

Outsourcing Web Design and Internet Marketing

Like any other field website design and online marketing has a wide range (and ever widening and deepening) range of skills and specialisms which small businesses just cannot keep abreast of. Business decisions should be made pragmatically and clearly show what you are doing, why you re doing it, the costs and the returns.

Don’t make the simple judgement that you can do this yourself to save costs. Speak to en expert (Toltech) to inform yourself and make a good informed resilient business decision to let web design and internet marketing be outsourced to the specialists who understand it.

Call us today to find out how and why.