What is Internet/Digital Marketing?

Using the Internet or digital means to get your marketing message out to the market

How much does it cost?

It is totally dependent on your specification. Everything we do is totally customised to your specification (we offer advice and recommendations to help define your requirements)
So like designing your own home the budget is derived from your wants and needs.

How do you work with us?

We need to get a good understanding of your business. We work with to you help you define what you want from your website and online marketing then define and implement a series of activities (see our range of services) to achieve that goal.

What do we have to do as a client?

You need to help us understand your business, your goals and objectives, your sales targets, your products/services, your USP’s to help us help you.
We dont provide any magic answers: we help you to utilise the web to your advantage

Can you get us to the top of Google?

Yes and No. We can help you get better rankings on Google and search engines but we help you see a bigger picture beyond ‘search’. The online marketing arena constantly changing and we help you keep up with that and maximise your profile on the web.

Can you manage Facebook and Twitter for me?

We can but we need to develop a Facebook, Twitter  and social networking strategy with you. Facebook is not the ‘big answer’ but it is an important tool to consider using properly

Why can’t I make my own website ?

Like most skilled areas you probably don’t have the skills to build a ‘proper’ website. You could probably build your own house extension but it would probably be a bit rough and incomplete.

You could probably defend yourself in a court of law but you probably don’t understand the fine details very well.

The moral: Use skilled professionals to do the job

I have had bad experiences with other web firms. How do I know you will be better?

We have been and continue to grow steadily since we started in 1997. We are financially stable have good credit rating, have good long term relationships with our clients. We hope our track record give you the confidence that we are trustworthy, competent, capable, resilient and professional.

What makes a good website?

Many people use visual appearance to decide if a website is ‘good’. Unlike paper publishing where visuals are all you have the web requires functionality and usability

A good website has the following characteristics:

  • Simple to use by all users
  • Easy to navigate
  • Allow user to do what they need quickly and easily
  • Convey your information to your audience
  • Be persuasive in selling (or achieving whichever aim)
  • Be compliant with standards, guidelines and code
  • of practice (yes there are rules!)
  • Be up to date and fresh
  • Be managed
  • Allow your audience to engage with you
  • Be technically resilient
  • Be fit for purpose
  • Be available 24/7
  • Have good quality content
  • Have the right tone of voice

……Oh and it has to look nice too

I don’t sell product online how can you help me?

Even if you don’t sell online you can generate sales enquiries online no matter what you sell. We can help you prepare a strategy for you online to help you achieve your objectives

Our graphic designers say they can build my website. Why do I need an external web developer

Many graphic designers treat a website like a brochure and use lots of nice visual imagery (or even trickery) which may be impressive to look at. However they often don’t take a business to the web or utilise the elements above (what make a good website)

They often don’t have the requisite programming/development skills to ensure a website is fit for purpose.

Ultimately we believe building a website is a business process. It contains technical elements and marketing elements but it can very significantly affect the business bottom line and is therefore way too important to delegate to a technical person for decision making.

My IT guys say that they can build me a website. Why should I use you?

As above IT skills have (generally speaking) been associated with hardware, networking and the mechanics of computers. Whilst we do use computers to design websites etc the skills we use are

  • Visual/Graphic Design and usability
  • Software Programming/Development
  • Classical/Traditional Marketing
  • Marketing on the Internet

We also build websites for mobile devices but a mobile phone sales person probably doesn’t