Internet Marketing

It’s not easy. Every newspaper, magazine and directory think they can justify why you should spend with them. They can’t guarantee you a return and if it fails they simply say – spend more often and have bigger ads.

If we could get businesses to look at the evidence, see the long term plan and realise they can achieve really good results and returns. We say follow our tried and tested formulas that gives results and repeat it year after year. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Why Internet Marketing and not just a website

In 1997 when we started in business there were a few thousand pages on the internet
and creation of a website was enough. Nowadays you have to be much more proactive
on an ongoing basis to achieve success in online marketing. But it can be done if you
do the right things. Fortunately we have those answers at Toltech.

Businesses misspend lots of money every year

Many on marketing campaigns that fail spectacularly.
Small businesses don’t have billions in budgets, maybe just a few thousand.
The dilemma – how to almost guarantee a return on investment

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