Email Marketing

Email Marketing can be one of the most fruitful activities a business can undertake – as long as you approach it in the correct way. It has been proven time and time again online that email marketing gives the highest return on investment (ROI) against all other forms of online marketing.

At Toltech, every month we manage ongoing email marketing campaigns for many clients. They know without us they wouldn’t keep to a sustained, regular marketing campaign. We update their databases regularly, make sure their message is written, designed professionally and delivered every week, fortnight or monthly. It’s a partnership that works well for us and gives our clients a great return.

The highest ROI of all online marketing activities

It is well documented that email marketing is the most cost effective activity in internet marketing. It is the activity which generates the highest return on investment and should be treated as an essential marketing activity for every business. Speak to us about how Toltech can help you plan, execute and measure your email marketing strategy.

Keep regular contact with your customers and prospects

Educate your audience in small regular increments.
Upsell your existing customers.
There are often services you supply that they are not aware of!


Telemarketing is a great complement to email marketing. Keeping your contact list (database) up to date is a key task. Learn more about Telemarketing for your Business.

If you want a marketing strategy that
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