Social Media for Business

Social Media is flavour of the month. Whilst Social Media can be powerful for some applications it is most definitely not the holy grail of marketing on the internet. The use of Social Media (like any other business tool) is dependent on many factors in your business including:

  • your business, products and services
  • your online strategy and objectives
  • your skills
  • your staffing and time resources available
  • your audience (business to business, business to consumer)

If you have a properly prepared social media strategy and the tools and techniques fit your business then use them but if they don’t then do something that will give you a better return on your investment. The question is do they fit, add value and help grow your business?

Does Social Media fit your business strategy?

From a business decision perspective does using Social Media fit with your business model? What does it cost and what do you get back. If it brings you a return then use it. If it doesn’t then don’t. Don’t blindly follow other like lemmings.

What return do you get from Social Media?

Does it work for your business?
It’s cheap easy to add stuff to and spend time managing  your Facebook and Twitter…..

But does it fit your business strategy and give you the results you need?

Linked In

Linked In is an online social media type tool which is arguably more useful for many businesses if used properly. If you are unsure about what or whether to use any Social Media speak to us and get an impartial marketing pro’s perspective.

If you want a social media strategy that
will get you more business please talk to us.

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