Ten Dos and Don’ts for planning an Online Strategy

Preparing a strategy is critical for an online marketing campaign. It’s an old cliche but that is why it still in use: it is true an ever relevant.

Fail to Plan = Plan to Fail. before you get bogged down in minutae of a campaign make sure you plan things to ensure you stand a chance of success.


  1. Make sure you have your business plan/development plan already prepared
  2. Make sure you take a business approach to the web. It is NOT an I.T. issue
  3. Know what you want. Start with measurable objectives for what want from your online presence
  4. Get familiar with what a web strategy can do you for you  – it’s not just about a website and Google
  5. Understand what your customers what from your website and communications
  6. Make sure you know all your customers’ details, buying behaviour etc
  7. Appreciate that it the web is a tool (just like any other business tool) and if used incorrectly produces unwanted outcomes
  8. Use a professional Internet Marketing company. You use a proper lawyer and a proper electrician; why would you use an amateur for your online strategy or website?
  9. Make sure you consider trends such as smartphones. People don’t just use computers to access the web
  10. Think about the future. However you view it the web is only going to get more important for all business



  1. Get caught up in technology. Its a business discussion/approach not a technological one
  2. Assume that having a website is all that’s required
  3. Assume that because you have a website you will be found in Google by everyone
  4. Assume that Facebook, Twitter and Social Media are instant answers
  5. Assume that your business doesn’t need the web
  6. Think that Paying for ads in Google is the route to riches
  7. Let a the office junior run your website – this is a matter for management
  8. Judge websites by how they look. Visuals are important but like an iceberg; most of the important bits are unseen
  9. Think it doesn’t apply to your business
  10. Sit back and wait for your competitors to leave you standing