Domain Names

Getting the right domains registered is really important for your business. Domains are an asset of your business and should be treated so. Do not let this be handled by an office junior or a friend who appears computer savvy. It is a business decision to be made by a business decision maker. You do not want your  domains being registered to or managed by a student who has gone off on their travels leaving your domain to expire and be grabbed by others.

There are many options for domains and extensions and it is important to make the right decision. To make sure you select the correct domains and extensions (.co.uk  .com  .uk etc) contact us.

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Alternative Domains and Extensions

There are many domain extensions available now than just .co.uk and .com are many are useful and legitimate including .co .biz .eu and many more. If you can’t find the right domain with.co.uk or .com speak to us to find an alternative domain with an alternative extension.

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Web Hosting

Web Hosting for you business website is a very important factor. Make sure your website as available when needed and is secure. Learn more about Website Hosting for your Business.

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