eCommerce/ Online Shop

There are many business benefits to be had from an online shop (if ecommerce suits your business) but it needs some planning, strategies and decision making. Fortunately with many years if experience we know how to deal with all of these issues and can help you ensure that if you invest in an online shop you will get the best possible return in investment. See an ecommerce case study for an Online Butcher.

Empty Shop or Full Shop

Remember that putting a shop online is no guarantee that people will find, visit or buy (any more than opening a shop on the high street will guarantee footfall). When you open your shop you have to attract shoppers. Toltech can help you achieve this; speak to us.

Fully Integrated Online Shop

Sell Products 24/7
Make Money While You Sleep

Online vs Offline Shop

If you were setting up a bricks and mortar shop you would be thinking about the business plan, the fit out the property, staffing , training, orders, stock management, customers, marketing, product pricing, options, discounts payment facilities and not just which window display to use. If your business can benefit from ecommerce (having an online shop) there is a lot more to consider than ‘which shopping cart to use.

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