Mobile Friendly Websites

The number of people accessing the web on mobile devices had been and continues to soar and has become the primary method for many people. So your website needs to be viewable by these people or you will miss out on their business.

A mobile website is a website which displays on a mobile device correctly and is viewable without pinching or squeezing. Do not mistake a ‘full website displaying on a  phone’ as a mobile friendly site. The test is really whether it is finger friendly ie can you navigate the site without zooming in an out.

There are a few options:

  • make a responsive website: one which responds (grows, shrinks) to suit the size and type of device. This site for example
  • a mobile site: one which is specifically made for mobile phones (the user is automatically directed to this depending on the device they use: clever!) Example: visit www.jarvieplant.co.uk on your desktop and your mobile phone: you’ll see two the same website looking different on each device

We can help you make the right choice an provide the right experience for your customers.

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