Office Closure Notice: Friday, July 12th, 2024

In celebration of our 27th anniversary, Toltech Digital will be closed on Friday, July 12th, 2024. While our office will not be open, our team will remain accessible and will periodically check emails throughout the day.

For urgent matters, please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone or email.
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Delivering digital marketing and web development

Are you ready to have your online business view transformed with some straight talking, no nonsense information in terms of digital marketing?

Toltech have been delivering online business services since 1997 and we’ve seen and heard the worst of what our industry offers.

Who do you want to talk to?
What do you want to say?

No matter what you’re selling the basic principles of marketing never change. Our job is to find the answers to the above questions and get your message to clients and prospects in the most efficient way.


Are Websites Still Critical For Small Businesses? Toltech Office - We Have Built Over 1000 Websites

Critical Role of Websites in Small Business Survival and Growth

Toltech Digital Providing Email Marketing Newsletters

Your email newsletters are not spam. Your clients want them.

Toltech Email Marketing Newsletter - Contact Database

Email Marketing Amid Economic Challenges: Essential for Business

Navigate economic challenges with Toltech Digital's expert email marketing solutions. Stay connected, retain customers and succeed in uncertain times.
Ssl Certificate - Green Padlock With Toltech Digital Logo

SSL Certificates: Strengthen Your Website Security

Toltech Digital provides expert guidance on how implementing SSL certificates can strengthen your website's protection, visibility and credibility. Talk to us.
Screen Showing Web Traffic Analytics - Can Toltech Get You More Customers? Website Performance And Profitable Social Media - Toltech Digital News - Toltech Digital Blog - Toltech Ssl Certificates

Website performance and profitable social media

You can measure your website performance and hits from social media and Google with online business tools. Talk to Toltech about using these for online growth.
Cash Representing Business Revenue - Discover The Power Of A Good Business Website

Discover the Power of a Good Business Website 2023

Find out why a good business website matters to improve audience and customer base. The web should be a major part of your strategy. Toltech explains more.

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What can we do for you?

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Our aim is to ensure your business is using the web to its fullest potential and achieving results you aim for.
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Who do you want to speak to and what do you want to say? The basic principles of marketing.
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We will help you create a strategy to suit your business across multiple social and business platforms.
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Understand the power of video and how it is affordable for most forward-thinking progressive businesses.

Why use Toltech?

Because we are real. We try to wean our clients off the dependence of search engines and SEO and urban myths about social media being the great saviour.

Of course we do all the digital marketing and SEO fundamentals but we would much rather work with you in a holistic fashion with a business growth approach.


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Digital Marketing - straight talking

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Who do you want to talk to?

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What do you want to say?

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Get your message out.

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Digital Marketing and Web Design Services

Use your business website to its full potential. It has to look good but also offer real value. How does your website perform?

Who do you want to speak to and what do you want to say? We help you take a holistic approach.
The main one-to-one relationship with your existing customers, that you own and control. Ensure you leverage it.
We will help you create a strategy to suit your business across different social platforms
Utilise this tool as part of your online strategy and help raise your business’ visibility online.

Data Management

Understanding your customers and prospects behaviour and patterns is critical for your business growth.

Website Security

Every day there are millions of attacks on websites right across the web. No website is ever fully secure, but you can improve it.

Domains are business assets, so make sure your domain is properly registered and hosted by a professional supplier.

Your website requires a lot of technical infrastructure to keep it on display. Ensure your website is visible to your customers 24/7.

Use video to tell your story and enhance your offering to your customers and prospects.

Get your important messages out in real time. It’s not just for pop stars or sports professionals.
We hold your hand and help you navigate online business with a board level perspective.
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