Can we really get you more customers

The question we are asked most often from potential clients is ‘Can you really get me more customers’?
The simple answer to this is Yes. If we can define who your target market are we can and will pursue that audience for you. We will also help you sort your databases and identify how your clients come to you in terms of twitter, Facebook, email etc. and help you sort and segment your data to get the best results from it.

Very often we come across businesses who have a website with annual visitors of 60,000 who bring a 2 to 4% conversion into bookings. The client will say to us we need to get another 60,000 visitors to achieve the bookings we really need.  They usually don’t believe us when we say if we can make the site/content more persuasive we can probably achieve the results they want without doubling the traffic.

It is also imperative to know that having a strategy to drive the right traffic to your site is not a short term fix where once you achieve the correct traffic levels would mean you could relax. The internet and threats from it change so rapidly on a daily basis that you need to have a company similar to us help you long term and keep you with a clear annual strategy.

We see restaurants and hotels investing £50k or £150k or more refurbishing their premises and when we ask them how they are going to market their new shiny venue they say we have £2k for a new website. So we have to get them onside and explain about planning and budgeting for a long term partnership.

Working with our current clients by the time we get to year two or three the strategy is like a well oiled clock. Everyone knows their positions and the clients are providing information, growing the database, sending communications, adding new content and the new and repeat business is growing.