Sales Prevention in Direct Marketing

Recently a person from a Roofing Company knocked my door. After some recent storms in the area they were driving round looking for damaged roofs and prospecting for some business. Fair tactics I thought. But…..

They handed me a piece of paper (a cheap A5 black and white flyer) with some bullet points about the company (I’ll call them XYZ Roofing and Maintenance company to protect their identity)

What did I learn from their flyer?

On their wee flyer they listed their services and with a wee footnote stating ‘Find us on’
I was gobsmacked by this and considered why, in this day and age, anyone would ask me to ‘find’ them on any business directory (least of all Yell), especially when they had my direct attention, possible interest and possible desire — a marketers dream.

They had done the hard part and got my attention and had the possibility of educating me more on what they could offer me and then………asked me to go and hunt around Yell trying to navigate Yells listings to find their entry.

A classic missed sales opportunity

A much better solution for them (and, more to the point, for me)  would be to direct me to their own company website where they could have conveyed their story to me. With their own website they could have been much more effective in:

▪    Conveying their messages to me in their own words and pictures.
▪    Winning my trust.
▪    Tell my why I should use them and not their competitors.
▪    Show examples of their work.
▪    Tell me what their happy customer say about them and how great they were with xyz roofing company’s services.
▪    Tell me about their work, accreditations, workmanship, prices, value for money, customer services, health and safety.

On their own website they could have had shown a lot more information about why I should us ether than a Yell listing would ever show and they would be:

  • In charge of their own website.
  • Able to change/update their information whenever they want.
  • In control of how their customer and prospects perceive them.
  • Not doing free marketing for Yell (let’s face it Yell can afford to pay for their own marketing costs rather than using your marketing budget).

And the result is!….

To make matters worse when I did ‘Find’ them on Yell I spotted a few more Roofing and Maintenance business who gave just the kind of  information I needed to make a buying decisions. And guess what!….. it wasn’t XYZ Roofing I selected.  A sales opportunity gone badly wrong.

So XYZ company can thank Yell for being a sales prevention force and alerting me to their competitors who had their own website with a much better offering

Moral of the Story

Sadly this is a fairly common story for lots of businesses, small and large; and particularly trades businesses.
As a businesses you must have your own website and be in control of what you say to your customers and how you say it. Once you have done that and put your web address on your flyers (and all printed materials) then you can consider how to spread your message further using out internet marketing services.

If you are unsure how to go about doing this call Toltech to get the answers.