Traditional methods are costing business.

There are many businesses we come across who are very good at what they do whether it is manufacturing, legal work, engineering or hospitality services. I was dismayed to read today that manufacturing output is down however not surprised as I don’t think as a nation we have educated manufacturers enough in the online market to promote themselves and their products to a bigger better audience.

A clear pattern for us over the years as to whether we think a business will adopt the latest technology when it comes to research and marketing of their business is in the dialogue we have at the first meeting.

The most common misconception we get from potential clients is that they say they are not techie, don’t know one end of a computer from the other or answers of that mind set.  What skills they generally do have however is a good understanding of how to run a business, creating product, buying and selling, what their staff are up to and how to make money.  However the web and its technologies bamboozle them and this in many ways should be to the fore in all of these businesses.

It’s very hard to convince someone to buy into an area when you know that they feel very uncomfortable doing so.  The negative impact on this is Yes they can run their business and Yes they have always done it this way and it has worked up until now, however slowly but surely others in their own field are adopting these modern ways and with these skills they can reach far further and faster into the marketplace and win business before the old school company even knew there was business to be won.

It generally starts as a flat year no growth and then they are down 4%  on last year and suddenly it’s 10% down and a very steep hill to climb as money is now tighter and even less of a chance of getting it spent on raising their visibility.

The old school say we have a website, we’re online, we’re No1 in Google if you type our name in and they look at it once every two years to give it an update.  The new school have their website which they update weekly, they continually add case studies, news, investments, send out email newsletters, use the internet to gather information about competitors, potential clients and have a budget and a strategy of how much business they will bring in this year using the technology.

They have a plan and in doing so they can measure it, market themselves far cheaper than ever before, they only need to send salespeople out when they have a positive reason and can develop more sales with less reps on the road.

It’s a fact that more businesses from far and wide are targeting your local market whatever sector you are in. And as they keep chipping away at your slice of cake it gets harder and harder each year.

You can however fight back.

If you think that having a website is what your company needs you are completely wrong. You need a plan, a strategy and a business like ours to guide you.